Adapts to learners’ input

Augmented learning is defined as an on-demand learning technique, where the learning environment adapts to the needs and inputs from learners. This makes the application of augmented reality to education so feasible. 

Accessible & Affordable

Augmented reality learning solutions are more accessible and affordable nowadays as they can run on smartphones by simply downloading an application. 

Connect to the real world

Learning is no longer confined to the walls of the classroom and content is extended to the outside world beyond textbooks. Using augmented reality supports the application of the situated learning theory where students have the opportunity to connect with the real world and have a practical understanding of abstract concepts.

Learner-Directed & Relevant

Augmented reality educational programs have the value of being learner-directed and relevant to students’ interests. Learners have the freedom and responsibility to choose what, how, where, and when they learn. 


Jaida, 10 years

"It’s a really nice game and its educational. It makes people want to have fun while learning."

July 2019